Perfect Yourself


Once your OpenWater Diver SSI is certified, PERFECT your level, in order to gain experience.

At your own pace, discover the different specialties that will make you a seasoned diver. Do you want to go down to the 18-metre mark? Think of the Deep Diving specialty and the improvement of buoyancy that will be done on a total of 5 dives.

Do you want to better orient yourself underwater? In this case, the Navigation specialty is for you.

Are you passionate about the history of wrecks? Discover our Wreck Diving program and learn more about these underwater remains filled with history and anecdotes.

Do you want to deepen the wrecks and penetrate them safely? Opt for the Advanced Wreck Diving specialty and learn how to get into wrecks.

Continue to train, while having fun and get recognition as you go on your diver journey.

You can acquire these specialties individually, either in packs of 2 or 4 at a preferential rate.

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Accumulate experience and specialties and get recognitions:

With 2 specialties and a number of 12 certified dives, you will get the recognition of Speciality Diver.

With 4 specialties and 24 certified dives, you will get the recognition of the Advanced Open Water Diver.

Finally, accumulate a number of 50 dives, 4 specialties as well as the Diver Stress & Rescue specialty and obtain the recognition of Master Diver, the highest level of SSI diver.

You come from a French or foreign training organization and want to continue with SSI?

No problem, SSI recognizes your skills and we can recognize you up to two specialties by equivalence. So do not hesitate, join the largest community of divers in the world, join the SSI international diving school.